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Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science was established in 1426H with the two departments, Mathematics and Physics. The other two departments Biology and Chemistry were then opened during the academic year 1429/1430H. The duration of study is four years and lead to the degree of Bachelor of Science. 


Faculty Vision

The road to scientific research stars with knowledge and awareness of what has been achieved by generations of scientists and researchers. It is our convection that the need of society for embracing new technologies is in fact the corner stone of national development. The decision to establish the Faculty of Science at Jazan University was, therefore, taken to make it the focus for providing the work place with well trained graduates equipped with necessary research knowledge, capability, creativity, and readiness to take responsibility for research centers in the fast growing environment of information technology in the Kingdom.


Faculty Mission

Prepare high quality graduates with science and ethics to fulfill the needs of national scientific and industrial establishment with capable people of competing in the market place and contributing to solving community scientific and environmental problems.  


Faculty Aims

  • Provision of scientifically qualified graduates capable of serving their country and nation in view of proper Islamic convection.
  • Provision of chances for graduate studies.
  • Contributing to scientific research and advancement of science.
  • Developing students capabilities to think and solve problems using proper scientific thinking.
  • Provision of knowledge of different scientific dogmas, hypotheses, and theories to enable students to explore their own capabilities and make their own judgment and convection.    
  • Provision of cutting edge laboratory training.
  • Provision of high quality training for students to ensure their future place in national and private sector establishments.
  • Provision of support for research centers and industrial establishments in the Kingdom.
  • Encouraging the spirit of scientific research and creativity.
  • Provision of proper solutions for community environmental problems.
  • Provision of training programs and continuous scientific education.

Language of Study

English language is the language of study at the Faculty of Science.