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Dr. Saeed Mousa 

Assistant Professor

       Dr. Mousa

Major General

Mechanical  Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering


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:Scientific Certificates

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Khalid University,09/2004-05/2008 Graduation Project: “Design and oil pipeline from Jazan to Abha to supply gas to Electricity Company”.

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton, 09/2011-05/2013 .

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University, 08/2013-05/2017 Dissertation: “Roll bonding of lightweight metal-polymer-metal sandwich composites”.

Professional Experience:

Iowa State University, Ames, IA (Research and Teaching Assistant in Department of Mechanical Engineering): 08/2013-05/2017
- Identified S-Glass fiber interaction with metallic skin and polymeric core of metal-polymer sandwich composites.
- Developed a novel scalable surface-micro-patterning process using ultrasonic spray deposition and nanoparticle evaporation self-assembly, to fabricate bioinspired hierarchical nanocomposites.
 * This involved understanding the droplet atomization and  transport, and the nanoparticles assembly behavior.
 * Synthesized bioinspired nanocomposites with hierarchical micro/nanostructure using semi-solid sintering.
- Developed a novel scalable surface-micro-patterningprocess using magnetic field directed assembly, to create micro-patterns of magnetic and nonmagnetic nanoparticles.
 * This involved understanding the nanoparticles deposition and assembly behavior.
- Studied the dispersion of graphene sheets in Al6061 matrix using mechanical alloying, to fabricate high strength aluminum-graphene composites using semi-solid sintering.
* This involved trackingthe damage evolution developed in the graphitic structure using Raman spectroscopy.
- Identified the role of particle morphology and size on the bond strength of cold roll bonded (CRB) Al composites.
- Investigated welding Inconel and low carbon steel plates using gas-less energetic particles.
- Developed one step process for energetic particle encapsulation in Al panels using rolling technique.
- Designed dies for semi-solid consolidation, mechanical testing setups, and fixtures for ultrasonic spraying and magnetic field deposition. Design and fabrication of Tunable electromagnet setup (solenoid, shielding, and the tunable casing) for nanoparticle deposition.
- Teaching assistant for manufacturing class and lab (preparing lecture slides, homeworks, and exams, grading, holding office hours, and teaching lab sessions).
- Mentoring M.Sc. and undergraduate research students. 

University of Dayton, Dayton, OH (Graduate Assistant in Department of Mechanical Engineering):09/2011-05/2013
- Pursued M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering.
- Cooperated in different graduate projects, such as, material design selection for pipelines, design efficient buildings, design rotary equipment engine.
- Assisted in teaching classes and labs in manufacturing, metrology, and material characterization and testing (teaching lab and problem sessions, holding office hours, and grading).

Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia (Lecturer): 08/2010-present
Teaching assistant for manufacturing class and lab (preparing lecture slides, homeworks, and exams, grading, holding office hours, and teaching lab sessions)

Skills & Experience:

- Surface characterization techniques including SEM, EDS, XRD, ZYGO non-contact profilometer, optical microscopy, and Ramen spectroscopy.
- Mechanical and physical characterization techniques including tension, compression, fatigue, three point bending, small punch, T-peel tests, hardness tests (nano, micro and macro), magnetic field measurements, density measurements, and wear and friction tests.
- Material synthesis and processing techniques including ball milling, semi-solid processing, powder metallurgy, hot compaction, extrusion, powder rolling, roll bonding (CRB & ARB),and metallurgical polishing.
- Thin film and nanoparticle deposition techniques using spattering, magnetic field-directed assembly, ultrasonic spray-assisted deposition, andnano-suspension preparation.
- MATLAB, CAD programs, Thermo-Calc,FEA modeling using ABAQUS and COMSOL, LabVIEW.

Awards/Affiliations & Profile:

* Member of honor society of Engineers at IOWA chapter TBP.
* Member of ASME.

Selected Publications:

[1] Mousa, Saeed, and Gap-Yong Kim. "Experimental study on warm roll bonding of metal/polymer/metal multilayer composites." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 222 (2015): 84-90.
[2] Mousa, Saeed, and Gap-Yong Kim. "A direct adhesion of metal-polymer-metal sandwich composites by warm roll bonding." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 239 (2017): 133-139.
[3] Mousa, Saeed, Nathan Scheirer, and Gap-Yong Kim. “Roll-bonding of glass fiber reinforced metal-polymer-metal sandwich composites.” Journal of Material Processing Technology, submitted.
[4] Mousa, Saeed, and Gap-Yong Kim. "Direct Adhesion of Warm Roll-Bonded Al1100/Polyurethane/Al1100 Sandwich Composite." ASME 2015 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2015
[5] Mousa, Saeed, Nathan, Scheirer, and Gap-Yong Kim. “Roll bonding of lightweight panels.” CNDE 2016 I/U Fall meeting.
[6] Mousa, Saeed, and Gap-Yong Kim. Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (MEGSO), April, 2nd 2015.

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