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مواقع الكليات/الكلية الجامعية بمحافظة الدرب
العبارات اليومية المستخدمة في اللغة الانجليزية

العبارات اليومية المستخدمة في اللغة الإنجليزية



Common phrases used in airport/ shopping/ restaurant


  Airline (N) The airline or carrier you fly with.

E.x. The cheapest airline that flies to Germany is

Arrivals (N)

E.x. I’ll meet you in the arrivals gate

Departures (N)

All passengers flying to Istanbul are kindly requested to go to the departures lounge.

Book (a ticket) (V)

When you book a ticket it means that you have reserved your place and paid for it.

E.x. Hi, how can I help you?

I’d like to book a return ticket to Paris, please.

Business class (N)/ Economy class (N) / First class (N)

  Board (V)

To board (a plane) means to go onto it.

E.x. All passengers on Belle Air flight 2216 must go to the gate. The plane will begin boarding in 10 minutes.

Boarding pass (N)

boarding pass that shows you where the plane will be boarding and it will also show your seat number.

E.x. Sir, this is your boarding pass. You will be boarding at gate 22 at 6.35.

Boarding time (N)

Your boarding time is the time that people will be allowed to start entering the plane.

Carry on (luggage) (N)

Your carry on luggage is the small piece of hand luggage that you are allowed to take with you onto the plane.

baggage claim

E.x. All passengers arriving from New York can pick up their luggage from belt 4

Delayed (Adj)

If your flight has been delayed, it means that it’s late

E.x. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an announcement that flight NZ245 has been delayed. Your new departure time is 2.25

1.     shopping  How much is this please?

2.     I’m looking for small size, can you help me?

3.     I want this shirt/ dress in a different color, does it come in different color?

4.     Where is the fitting room?

5.     Is there a fitting room?

6.     Where can I find the….

7.     Is this in the sale?

8.     I want to return this please

9.     I want to exchange this please

10.                        Do you have a refund policy?

11.                        Where is the food court?

The salesman/ saleswoman:

1.     What colour would you like?

2.     What size would you like?

3.     Is there anything else I can help you with?

4.     Would you like to try it on?

  Restaurant  Customer:

1.       I’m gonna have …../ I’m gonna go with ……/ I’m gonna get …..

2.       Does it come with a side dish? Does it come with a salad or rice?

3.       I want the meat/ chicken well done/ medium rare please?

      Eggs: Sunny Side Up/ Scrambled Eggs/ Filled Omelette:

over soft/ over medium/ over well.

      Boiled egg: soft/ medium / hard.

5.       Can I have the menu please?

6.       Can I have the check please?

                                                   7.       Extra sauce/ cheese. Extra plates/ forks/ knives.
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