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مواقع الكليات/كلية العلوم/قسم الرياضيات
Short seminars
 Three seminar presentations of our colleagues
 Mr. Ahmad Albaity: Grading effectiveness
Mr. Ali Alkhabyah : Singular value decomposition  


Take a black and white image. My obtained data should be a matrix with real entries ranging from 0 to 1. The test images will be provided. Use only the built-in functions for eigenvalues and eigenvectors available in MATLAB, to compute an SVD for the data matrix. Plot the singular values in log-scale. Reconstruct the image using k largest singular values, where k is approximately 5%, 10%, 25%, 35%, 50%, 70% of the picture’s smaller dimension.  The SVD compression ratio formula is given by

r = (size of original data/ size of SVD data used)

An acceptable compression ratio is a ratio at which the reconstructed image similar from the original image. Provide a black-and-white image (not from the test images) that has high SVD acceptable compression ratio. Singular value decomposition of matrix is used to image compression .The image starts to show more clear when K=25%.This means that whenever K increases, there is more clear in the image software as a new implementation of technology for the purpose of learning and teaching

Mr. Ali Hakami: Tests for data




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