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Dr. Ahmed Fathy AbdElGhany
Associate Professor





Research Interest

Solar Radiation and Environmental Protection

Education: B.Sc. in Physics 1988, Helwan University, M.Sc. in Physics, 1992, Helwan University, M.Sc. in Renewable Energy, 1994, Oldenburg University (Germany), Ph.D., in Physics 1999, Menia University.

Dr. Ahmed Fathy current research interests are in the field of Solar Energy and Air pollution. He was involved in the construction of the solar Energy laboratory in (NRIAG), 1999. Also, he was involved in the construction of a solar Physics Spectrograph in (NRIAG), 2009. My field of research is concentrate in the field of studying of the solar radiation components distributions over different sites. Also, he studied the interaction between the solar radiation and the air pollution concentrations. Also, Also, he studied the effect of Ultraviolet solar radiation and their biological effects on human bodies. Also, studying of the Color Portion of Solar Radiation at Partial annular Solar Eclipse, October 2005. Also, he is one of the leader of the Scientific group detecting the crescent of the Islamic months in Egypt.

Selected Publications

  1. A.M.Fathy, "The influence of clouds on total solar radiation over different sites in Egypt", NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics, PP. 33-38, (2008).
  2. Hala S Own, Hamdy K Elminir,Yasser A Abdel-Hady and A.M.Fathy, "Adaptation of wavelet features to predict the local noon erythemal ultraviolet irradiance", International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research, Issue 4, Vol. 3, PP. 273-280, (2008).
  3. Samy A.Khalil and A. M. Fathy," An Empirical Method for the Estimation of the Global Solar Radiation at Selected Locations in Egypt" Acta Polytechnical Journal Vol. 48 (March), No. 5/2008: PP. 48-53, 2009.
  4. A.M.Fathy, "Net solar radiation over high polluted sites", First Middle East and Africa IAU-Regional Meeting, Proceedings MEARIM No. 1, PP. 143-146, (2009).
  5. A.H.Hassan, U.A.Rahoma, M.Sabry, and A.M.Fathy," Color Portion of Solar Radiation at Partial annular Solar Eclipse, 3-October 2005, at Helwan, Egypt " Acta Polytechnica, Vol. 50 No.6/2010.

Curriculum Vitae