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مواقع الكليات/كلية العلوم/قسم الفيزياء
Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy
Assistant Professor






Research Interest

Theoretical Plasma Physics

Education: PhD, Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, 1999. Abdus-Salam ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics), Trieste, Italy, Research Federated (2000-2005). JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) Fellow, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan,  (2005-2006).

Dr Mahdy works in the area of the theoretical plasma physics with the focus on ultra-short laser plasma interactions, inertial confinement fusion theory. and computer modelling and numerical techniques. He is recognized for his contribution on the ignition and burn of the inertial confinement laser fusion target and the super-thermal electron transport in connection with the fast ignition laser fusion concept. His recent work includes mutual interactions of multi laser beams for laser fusion applications, particle acceleration, and optical Soliton-Soliton interactions in plasma. In the computer modelling, he constructed numerical code to solve the Nonlinear Shroedinger Equation Type (NLSE-Type) and developed Particle in Cell (PIC) code for solving the Maxwell's equations coupled with the fluid equations.

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