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Dr. Ali Mostafa Ali

Assistant Professor








Research Interest

Transmission gamma/neutron spectroscopy, neutron backscattering NBS

Education: B.Sc. in physics & computer science, 1991, M.Sc. in Physics, 1998, and Ph.D in Physics, 2004,  Ain Shams Univ. Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Ali research focus on neutron/gamma imaging (CT), land-mines identification, material testing. He shared in the setup of the neutron/gamma computerized topography (CT) scanner in the front of one of the horizontal channel of the First Egyptian Research Reactor (ET-RR1 Reactor) and the Egyptian Second Research Reactor (ET-RR2 Reactor or MPR Reactor). Many research program are performed using the CT scanner. Moreover, I shared in the landmine detection and identification project funded by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The landmine detection is based on imaging the landmine by neutron backscattering technique. During my research activity I have a scientific visit to Germany (TUM-University and Stuttgart University), Netherlands (Delft University), South Africa (Atomic Energy Corporation), Switzerland (PSI institute) for sharing a research work.

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