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Dr. Khaled Salman
Assistant Professor





Research Interest

Experimental Nuclear Physics

Education: B.Sc. in physics, 1991, M.Sc. in Physics, 1999, and Ph.D in Physics, 2005, Ain Shams Univ. Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Salman Supervised on PH.D in atomic energy authority with Ain Shams University. Also, He made measurements of natural radioactive materials and measurement of radiation doses from such materials employing different theoretical and practical techniques such as thermmoluminiscent measurements, nuclear tracks and germanium detectors. He have Carried theoretical calculations for measurements of radiation doses at different distances and from various sources levels, also he is working in various oil areas for studying natural radioactive sources whether mixed with sand that comes out during the digging of oil wells or precipitated inside the pipelines, that requires its replacement from time to time, and Working with TLD (4000 and 6000) and germanium detector and the electron microscope, Measurement and calculation of radiation doses to workers in the Atomic Energy Authority and in many hospitals and factories where radiation sources are used whether for Diagnosis or treatment. also measurement of its radiation level and methods for the eventual disposed of these sediments or treating it and its storage in secure places away from work areas. Dr. Khaled Lectured at the training center in Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, for the purpose of radiations, its measurement and protection principals, college of engineering, Menoufia University, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002., at college of medical sciences and application, 6 October university, and at technically college of engineering, El - Sherook city.

Selected Publications

  1. M. Abo-Elmagd, H. A. Soliman and Kh. A. Salman (Response of Radiation Measuring Instruments as a Function of Gamma-Ray Energies and Their Incident Angles). Isotopes and Radiation Research 40 (4), 125-131, 2008.
  2. Kh. A. Salman, W.A. Mowafy, M. A. Gomaa. "Gamma Radiation and Radon Exhalation Rate Measurements from Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Petroleum Industry". The 2th international Conference on Sustainable Development through Nuclear Research and Education. May 27 - 29, 2009, Romania.
  3. Rehab A. Hegazy, Thanaa M. Abd El-Maksoud, Kh. A. Salman, Hosnia M. Abu-Zeid, B. Ahmed Gad El-Rab. (Estimation of Radon Exhalation Rates, 226Ra and - Spectrometry of Different TE-NORM Samples) Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and its applications, 2011.
  4. Rehab A. Hegazy, Thanaa M. Abd El-Maksoud, Kh. A. Salman, Hosnia M. Abu-Zeid,B. A. Henaish. (Risk Analysis for Occupationally Workers with TE-NORM). Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and its applications, 2011.

Curriculum Vitae