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Dr. Mahmoud Abo-Elmagd Ali
Associate Professor




Research Interest

Radiation Physics

Education: B.Sc. in Physics 1991 (Excellent), Ain Shams University, Egypt. M.Sc. in Radiation Physics, 1998, Ain Shams University, Egypt. Ph.D. in Radiation Physics 2001, Ain Shams University. Egypt.

Dr. Mahmoud is interested in the field of calibration and the science of measurement. So estimation of uncertainty in the measurement results and assuring the quality of the measure is one of his roles. These interests were applied in the field of radon measurements research. Passive radon measurements based on using SSNTD were subjected to developed experimentally and generate semi-empirical formulas to calculate some of radon related parameters. Also, evaluation of different radon sources and radon chambers as well as the estimation of health hazards associated to the inhalation of radon is the main researches topics.


  • Qualified expert in radiation protection, licensed from the medical license department, ministry of health, Egypt. (Qualified expert reg. no. 125/16-9-2008.)
  • 24 years' experience in calibration of different radioactive sources used in medical (Cobalt-60, Cesium-137, Linear accelerator,…)and industrial (X-ray machine-Gamma camera, …) fields as well as the calibration of radiation measuring devices (Ion chamber, Surveymeters, radiation monitor based on different techniques).
  • Participate in many international comparisons programs and quality assurance programs.
  • Contribute to the planning and conducting internal audits of the quality system
  • Contributing to the provision of scientific consultancy for different industrial authorities and radiation therapy centers

Selected Publications

  1. Major Parameters Affect The Calculation of Equilibrium Factor By SSNTD. Radiation Measurements 41 (2), 235-24, 2006. M. Abo-Elmagd, M. Mansy, H.M. Eissa, M.A. El-Fiki.
  2. Cytogenetic effects of radon inhalation, Radiation Measurements 43 (7), 1265-1269, 2008. M. Abo-Elmagd, Manal M. Daif, H. M. Eissa
  3. Calibration of CR-39 for radon related parameters using sealed cup technique. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 139, (4), pp. 546-550, 2010. M. Abo-Elmagd and Manal M. Daif.
  4. Radiological hazards of TENORM in the wasted petroleum pipes. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 101 (1), 51-54, 2010. M. Abo-Elmagd, KH. A. Soliman, Kh. A. Salman, N. M. El-Masry.
  5. Development of a model using the MATLAB System Identification toolbox to estimate 222Rn equilibrium factor from CR-39 based passive measurements. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 138, 33-37, 2014. M. Abo-Elmagd and A.M. Sadek.

Curriculum Vitae

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