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Prof. Yousuf Pyar Ali






Research Interest

Semiconductor Devices

Education: B.Sc (Physics /Mathematics as major subjects), College Education-Mukalla, Aden University, Republic of Yemen. M.Sc. in Physics Department of Physics, University of Mumbai , Mumbai, India,1985-1989. Ph.D. in Physics, Department of Physics, University of Mumbai , Mumbai, India, 1991-1993.

Dr. Yousuf completed his B.Sc. (Physics /Mathematics) from Aden University and then joined Mumbai University as a post graduate student. He successfully completed his M.Sc. (Nuclear physics) on 1993 and immediately registered for Ph.D degree at the same university. He worked in the field of high energy ion implantation in GaAs and got Ph.D degree on 1998 with a good outcome research results which published on an international recognized journals. He continued his research within the field of ion implantation with a research group from Mumbai University and Tata institute of fundamental research-India. Dr. Yousuf published many research articles in his field of research. He also appointed as a visiting professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on 2006. He worked with a team from USM in the field of Gas sensing devices . Dr. Yousuf has been appointed as a professor at Hadramout University on 2009. Recently, he joined Jazan University as a professor of Physics.

Selected Publications

  1. Electrical Characteristics of GaAs Implanted with High Energy (100 MeV) 28Si and 120Sn Ions; Yousuf Pyar Ali, A.M.Narsale, and B.M.Arora; Applied Mechanics and Materials. 661 (2014) pp 3-7.
  2. Optical characteristics of GaAs implanted with high energy 56Fe ions; Y.P.Ali , M.M..Belekar, A.M. Narsale, B.M.Arora; Aden Uni Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences 13 No 2 (2009) 447.
  3. Annealing behaviour of GaAs implanted with 70 MeV 120Sn ions; Y.P.Ali ,A.M. Narsale, Geeta Nair, K.S.Chandrasekaran, B.M.Arora; Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, 47 No 2 (2009) 170.
  4. Investigation of structural and optical properties of nano-porous GaN film; F.K.Yam, Z.Hassan, L.S.Chuah, Y.P.Ali; Applied Surface Science 253 (2007) 7429.
  5. Annealing effects on electrical characteristics of GaAs implanted with 100 MeV 56 Fe and 120 Sn Ions; Yousuf Pyar Ali, K.V. Sukhatankar, A.M. Narsale; Solid State Science and Technology 15 (2007) 98.
  6. Photoluminescence study of GaAs implanted with 100 MeV 28Si ions , Y.P.Ali, A.M.Narsale, B.M.Arora; Nucl. Instru. Meth. B 247 (2006) 238.

Curriculum Vitae