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Academic Affairs Unit

Academic Affairs Unit

 The mission of the Academic Affairs unit is to promote and implement an education policy that ensures high-quality academic education for undergraduate students. The unit is responsible for preparing and implementing strategic decisions, policies and the operations management process concerning the College of Business academic affairs. It furthers the development of teaching and related support services and promotes the use of quality assurance and evaluation results in teaching and learning.

The necessity of establishing a separate unit for the coordination of the activities of the was beginning to be felt with the introduction of the revised BBA Program commenced in 2008. The main feature of this semester-based curriculum is the designing of the BBA Program with 8 Level programs, i.e. level I & Level II are first one year of common program and level III to Level VIII are 3 years’ of specialization. After following first year common program (Level I& II) students are allowed to choose one of the 6 specializations based on their interest and performance at the level II program. Until such time students do not belong to any particular department.

Specializations are  

  1.   Business Administration
  2.   Accounting Department
  3.   Marketing Department
  4.   Banking & Finance
  5.   Management Information Systems
  6. Law

While the unit is directly responsible for coordinating the Level III to Level VIII academic program of the BBA Degree, it is currently also in charge of preparation of semester time tables and examination time tables in relation to all levels and semesters of the BBA Program. The unit is also responsible for maintaining records on student attendance for lectures of the level III to Level VIII program and selection of students for specialization areas after completing their studies of first two levels of the BBA Program.

The unit is currently staffed with a coordinator, Assistant to Coordinator and a clerical assistant. Any student requests regarding the level III to Level VIII program should be submitted to the coordinator of this unit. 

Unit Coordinator - : Mr.Faisal Masmali