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Dr. Masood Ahmed Publications

Contribution to Publications

1.      NIRD Publication, Hyderabad, “Issues Related to Planning Sustainable Livelihood Settlement for HIV/AIDS Affected People in Rural Areas”, Edited by S.K. Bhanj & R.Chinnadurai. pg 214. ISBN: 81-85542-89-9

2.      Pointer Publishers, Jaipur, “ Women Entrepreneurship Challenges and Opportunities”, Edited by Narendra Shukla & Mukesh Chansoria, -Chapter Entrepreneurship: Problems and Possibilities, pg 120. ISBN: 978-81-7132-664-8

3.      Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, under the title "Governance Reforms: Issues and Implications". Chapter Title: “Reforming the rural sector through Globalization of Indian Poverty & Agricultural Problems

Research Paper Publications (year, editorial):

1.      Paper published “Development through Aid: Interpreting Social Development indicators in Afghanistan” in Hind Swaraj Centenary International Seminar at India International Centre, New Delhi. 12-14 Feb. 2009.

2.      Presentation of paper “Search for the Indian Solution, NREGA: the short-term relief.” in Conference on Policy in Practice: Effective Policies For Enhancing Rural Livelihood Opportunities in Indian Institute of management (IIM), Bangalore on 12th -14th April 2007 title

3.      Paper published & Presented “AIDS: The Economic Concept & Consequences of the disease.” In National Seminar in National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad on 28th-30th Dec. 2006.

4.      Paper Published Search for the Indian Solution, NREGA: the short-term relief: case of M.P.in IGDIR conference on Human Development in India and Poverty Reduction Strategies in States in Bombay 24th-26th September-07- Mumbai.

5.      Research Paper “Nurturing Entrepreneurship through management education and addressing the problem of povertySecond Annual Max Planck Indian Institute of Science (IISc) International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth, Bangalore. Titled: 25th-27th Oct. 2007

6.      Paper Published “Our socio-economic concepts and its effect on IT industry.” in “International Conference on IT Industry in India”, Department of Economics, Jamia Millia Islmia,

7.      Paper Accepted “5th International Business Research Conference” in Dubai “Globalization of Poverty: Effects & Need to Address the Problem” on 26-27th April.2007

8.      Paper published in “3rd International Congress- Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), Delhi, 23-25 Nov. 2007” Titled: “Seeking means for survival: Doing justice with poverty removal policies”. http://www.dcrcdu.org/apisa%20website/PAPERS-Third%20APISA%20Congress,%202007/Masood%20Ahmed.pdf

9.      Paper presented: UDAAN - A National Management Convention on “Indian Economy on Move- Challenges Opportunities and Strategy”, Organised by CIM, on 16th of March 2005. Research Paper Topic: “India’s Problem’s Exploited by Developed Nations”

10.  Unemployment and Its Indian Reasons in Journal of Research and Developmental Studies, issue. July-sept-2005

11.  “Rural Sector the Indian Burden or the Opportunity” in National Seminar on Rural Marketing Opportunities and Challenges” Bansal M.B.A. College. Feb. 17th-18th 2006.

12.  Indian Agricultural System with respect to the WTO Demand” in National Seminar on Population and Environment” Sir Hari Singh Gaur College, Sagar (M.P.) 17-18 Nov. 2006

13.  Sufferings of urban population against cost of environment protection” in National Seminar on Pollution and Its Effect on Urban Environment. In Govt. Science & Commerce College Benazeer, Bhopal. 25-26th Nov. 2006.

14.  Paper Accepted By Indore Management Association, Indore “Policy Innovation: Need for Resonance in Innovation”

15.  National Conference on “Managing Customer of Today” Bansal MBA College Bhopal- 16th & 17th Feb.2007 “Customer Focus: Cost & Curves of Customer Loyalty”

16.  Paper Presented in National Management Conference on “National Capacity Building for Global Leadership” in VNS Institute of Management on 22nd of Feb.2007, Bhopal. Research Paper titled: International Trade and Opportunities to all"

17.  Paper published in National seminar on Paradigm Shift in Governance: The emerging Challenges and Strategies Title: “Reforming the rural sector through Globalization of Indian Poverty & Agricultural Problems” in Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerela. March 28-29 2007

18.  Research Paper in International Islamic Economic Conference 2007 (iECONS) in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Titled “Creation and Utilization of Resources For Country Development” from July 17-19, 2007

19.  Paper published in National Seminar on “TQM In Management Education”at SIRT College on 20 & 21st July,2012. Titled "University education in Saudi Arabia and application of TQM"

20.  Paper in publication “Democracy, Governance and Communication Needs” in Research Link, ISSN 973-162. Edition 2012.