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English College Portal/Faculty of Business Administration

CBA Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals




To be a center of excellence in business education, research, and community service at the national and international levels.


·         To prepare professionals with cutting-edge business skills who create real value for businesses.

·         To address local and global business challenges through research.

·         To contribute positively to the development and well-being of the local society by providing training and consultancy.


·         Quality

·         Creativity

·         Citizenship

·         Integrity

·         Fairness


1.      Create a culture of teamwork, organizational citizenship, and professionalism.

2.      Build a strategic partnership with potential employers.

3.       Raise the student admission and evaluation standards.

4.       Adopt world-class learning and teaching methods and technologies.  

5.       Enhance faculty professional development process and enrich students' learning experience.

6.       Encourage scientific production, innovation and entrepreneurship among students and faculty.

7.       Create international cooperation with top universities for higher studies and research opportunities. 

8.       Develop an effective system to recruit, evaluate, and reward faculty.

9.      Establish academic programs needed to support key fields of importance to the region and the Kingdom.