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English College Portal/Faculty of Business Administration

Overview :

CBA evolved from the need of world class Business education in the Jazan region. The proposal of establishing CBA came as an expected response towards fast emerging opportunities in Jazan as it will be a hub of trade and commerce with high-quality environment for key industries, technology exchanges, employment opportunities, education and training, housing and a broad spectrum of socio-economic activities.

CBA was established under the affiliation of Jazan University, in accordance with the University Council’s recommendation and approved by the Higher Education Council at 49th meeting held on 02/04/1429H, decision no. 24/49/1429. It comprises the following academic departments: Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and E-Commerce, Management Information System, Finance and Banking and Law.

CBA is a multi-faculty research-led college committed to its role in spreading business knowledge through its innovative pedagogical system, outstanding faculty and thought leadership. It possesses consistent high quality parameters. Its strength lies in its eminent faculty and the superiority of its courses which have in many cases, been trendsetters.