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Vice Dean for Development and Quality
Vice Dean for Development and Qu


Vice Dean for Development and Quality

  • Dr. Shafiq Bin Mahdi Aseeri
  • Specialization: Business Administration

Message, Vice Dean for Development and Quality

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, Peace and blessings be upon the prophets and messengers and our Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

The College's Vice Deanship for Development and Quality aims to improve the educational process, research and community services through its joint work with the College's Vice Deanships and scientific departments, and its continuous communication with the Deanship of Academic Development at the University.

The College's Vice Deanship for Development and Quality seeks to develop the skills of faculty members, students and administrators, as we believe in the importance of enhancing the interpersonal and technical skills of our staff members that would increase the efficiency of their performance.

The Vice Deanship is responsible for the accreditation of the College's scientific programs through the implementation of an integrated internal system that enhances the concept of quality and its importance and achieves the highest standards of performance in all areas of its work. All the efforts are directed towards enabling the College to realize its vision and performance that would lead to achievement of its mission.

With best wishes for success.

Tasks :

Prepare and update the organizational structure of the Vice Deanship, describe the functions of the units and determine the relationship between them, and supervise the preparation of strategic and operational plans for each unit. Propagate the culture of quality, and promote its concept at the college level.
Continuous communication with the Deanship of Academic Development to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal system of quality in the college through coordination with the Dean of the College. To create an internal quality system and work on its continuous development.
Submit proposals for the formation of committees related to the work of the College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality. To pursue the college's academic accreditation requirements.
Continuous coordination with faculty members and establishing scientific departments in order to achieve the objectives of the college. Oversee the preparation, implementation, evaluation and updating of the College's strategic and operational plans.
Communicate with the faculties, deanships and departments of the university in all that would facilitate the implementation of the Vice Deanship's tasks and achieve its objectives through the Dean of the College. Determine the training needs of faculty members, students, administrators and the necessary plans for their implementation.
Prepare a detailed report on the academic accreditation process of the College's programs and submit it to the Dean of the College. Encouraging and motivating faculty members in scientific departments to provide training courses for their fellow colleagues.
Executing the tasks delegated by the College Council or the Dean of the College. Nomination of members of the faculty and others to participate in the training courses provided by the Deanship of Academic Development.
Supervising the preparation of the annual college report To highlight outstanding creative efforts in the educational, research and administrative process in the College.