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Vice Dean of Academic Affairs
Vice Dean Academic Affairs

 Vice Dean Academic Affairs

  • Dr. Asim bin Mohammed Mansour AlMadkhali

  • Specialization: Law




Supervising the applications for postponement and excuses for the study as well as the deletions and additions of courses according to the regulations and decisions issued in this regard. Supervising the implementation of the regulations and rules for the creation of schedules and tests for the university studies.
Supervising the preparation of lists of deprived, and barred lists of graduate students. Supervision of academic affairs units.
Supervising the activities of the college induction week. Supervising the preparation of academic schedules for students in academic departments and coordination with other faculties in cooperation with the Deanship of Admissions and Registration and the Committee of Study Schedules
Instructing and guiding students and solving issues related to academic performance. Supervising the distribution of students in various departments in coordination with the departments.
To submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the progress of his units in accordance with the tasks assigned to him and the difficulties he faces. Supervising the application of admission and transfer of students from and to the College and between academic departments.
Coordination with the faculty departments in the relevant fields. Chair of the Sub-Committee for Student Affairs and Extra-curricular Activities Committees.
Supervise the financial affairs and the Vice Presidency's mandate and programs in accordance with the regulations. Chairing committees of the Vice Presidency and reporting to the concerned authorities.
Performing the work of the secretariat of the College Council. Supervising the decisions related to finding of equivalent courses
Follow-up updating the College's website with regard to its Vice Presidency and its administrative units. Supervising the conduct of the final exams and the formation of their committees, in coordination with the academic departments and the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
Executing the duties assigned by the Dean of the College.