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Jazan University Concludes Activities of "Forum of Innovation and Entrepreneurship" in its Pioneering Session

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​Activities of Second Forum for Innovation and Entrepreneurship continues for the second and the last day in four sessions. The first one tackled the issue of innovation and Pioneering in Gulf community. It was presided by Dr. Hassan Bin Qasadi Al-Mahdi, in which the guests of the Forum presented the scheduled topics.  
​Dr. Latifa Al-Darwish, Director of Administrative Affairs of Qatar Company for Raw Materials of sisterly State of Qatar commenced the day's activities, speaking about the reality of innovative thought of Gulf youth. She reviewed her experiences and expertise. She stressed the necessity of studying thoughts and projects before formulating any plan towards the achievement of goals. She pointed out that her leading project was a restaurant, which achieved dazzling success. 
​The second topic was presented by the business woman Ms. Mariam Bint Ghalib Al-Alawi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  Wasm Company of Sultanate of Oman. She spoke about opportunities of innovation and creativity in Gulf community. She reviewed her personal experience with her private project, the difficulties she faced as her project was a new one and depended on the acceptance of community to the idea of social media. She gave an idea about the success of her project during 5 years of work, informing about the hashtag of "#Your_ Reconnaissance is Your Identity" for all in order to interact therewith.  
​The third topic was presented by the business woman Ms. Manal Abdul Razzaq Khan, the owner and CEO of the Center of Integrated Units for Consulting and Business Solutions. The mentioned topic was about adopting motivational legislations of entrepreneurship and the chances of innovation and creativity. She spoke about her personal experience with her private project, the struggles she faced since the inception of the project, which was launched in 2008 and continues uptill now. She mentioned that the Project of Integrated Units set an example to be followed amongst the leading ones. She concluded by asking all people to initiate to set their private projects.       
​The fourth topic was presented by Mr. Ibrahim Moharish, viewing entrepreneurship and the pioneering thoughts and pilot projects that achieved by young businessmen on the level of the Country and the States of  Gulf Cooperation Council.

The session was concluded by participation of Mr. Dawood Bin Salman Ma'rafi, the General Manager of Imtidad Company of sisterly Kuwait State.  He spoke about developing innovative thought of Gulf community. 
​The second session was entitled "Reconnaissance and Innovation Carry Wealth". It included the topics: Hindrance of Converting Innovation into a Successful Project, the Idea is the Beginning of Wealth, Building Innovative Personality. Further, the session included personal expertise presented by Engineer Rakan Mohammed Al-A'idi, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Fitaihi, Hiba Zihair Ghaddi, Sarah Bint A'id Bin Mohammed Al-A'id and Louay Bin Saleh Labani.  

​The third session included talks about youth experiences on entrepreneurship and comprised the topics: Converting the Idea into Reality, Failure is the Beginning of Success, Determination and Initiative are the Ways of Reconnaissance and the Way to Enter the World of Entrepreneurship. It also included young people's personal experiments, presented by Isra'a A'siri, CEO of ETree Project, Mohammed Sa'adallah Al-Zahrani, Business and Electronic Marketing Developer and Co-founder of Sawirly Company, Thamir Bin Ahmed Al-Farshouti, Vice President of Business Committee of Young People in Jeddah, the owner and Manager of Adma Group, Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Zihaimeel, CEO of Ocean X Company and Nawaf Ameen Hariri, the Founder of Masareef. 
​The final topic of the session was entitled "The Journey of Social Reconnaissance" presented by Dr. Salim Bin Ahmed Al-Deeni the Manager of Excellence Center for Developing Non-profit Institutions, the Manager of Excellence Center of Labor Market Studies and the Manager of Voluntary Work Unit at King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Mr. Ahmed Bin Hakam A'siri the CEO of Al-Samo Company for Developing Youth and the Specialist of Developing Youth Programs.  
 News Date: 12/5/2015 Last Update: 1/7/2016 2:49 PM