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Prince of Jazan Sponsors Agreement Between Jazan University and Islamic Affairs Ministry

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            Under the sponsorship of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Nasser Bin Abdul-Aziz, the Governor of Jazan Province, Jazan University signed yesterday morning a collaboration  agreement with the Branch of Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Jazan Region. The mentioned agreement is for utilizing experiences and capabilities of the University in the area of studies, consultations, and training, in addition to holding symposiums, conferences, joint workshops, and seminars for developing the performance of the employees  of the Ministry Branch.
            The Acting President of Jazan University, Professor Dr. Mohammed Bin Ali Rubai'ya explained that the agreement "offers opportunities to the Branch of Ministry of Islamic Affairs to utilize experiences, capabilities and cadres of the University in the fields of studies, consultations, and training; in addition to performing conferences, symposia and organizing joint workshops and seminars." He added that the agreement "will participate in activating and supporting the role of the Islamic Affairs in diffusing the correct Islamic education and carrying out the duty of  advising, disseminating the principles of the tolerance and brotherhood among people."   
            It is worth mentioning that the mentioned agreement was signed by the President of the University Professor Mohammed Bin Ali Rubai'ya and the General Manager of the Branch of Islamic Affairs of Jazan Region, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Eissa Al-Hazmi. 
 News Date: 11/26/2015 Last Update: 1/7/2016 2:50 PM