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JU Medical Students Train on Disasters Management in Italy
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A group of fifteen female students, from the Medical College of Jazan University, has successfully accomplished a training program on Disaster Medicine, at the University of Western Piedmont in Italy. 
During the training session, the students had full opportunity to participate in various activities. Also, a special training had been given Crisis Management. 
The program consisted  of lectures, workshops and visits to the  Disaster Medicine Center of the United Nations that encompassed field training on Crisis Management, pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, the program aimed to deliver the extensive knowledge on how to operate field hospitals, deal with the injuries, causalities and cases; medically and logistically. .
Dr. Mohammed Bin Nasser Aqeel, Supervisor  of International Cooperation Administration  and the International Training Programs at Jazan University, emphasized the significance of the Disaster Medicine globally as currently, it served the society at large. The International Center for the Disaster Medicine is accredited as one the most eminent centers globally and the University aspires to impart this training to both male and female students, since 30 students had been picked to be trained at the same center last year.
Such training programs are the framework that ensures the international cooperation and knowledge exchange between Jazan University and the international universities. It is worth mentioning that the International Cooperation Administration of Jazan University is having its students trained in more than 40 programs, at international universities worldwide. 
 News Date: 7/2/2015 Last Update: 1/7/2016 2:50 PM