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English College Portal/Faculty of Arts and Humanities

 If the natural sciences are concerned with the physical aspects of the universe, then the Arts and Humanities are concerned with human thoughts, and the analysis of human activity and literary creativity, and evaluate this thought and activity and creativity to the benefit of the coming generations thereby contributing to building minds and refinement of souls and the development of nations.
Jazan University has strove since its establishment to meet the needs of the region in particular and the Kingdom in general of scientific competencies that are concerned with human beings and the preservation of the immortal Arabic language and its authentic heritage, without ignoring other languages ​​ and the requirements of the times of other humanities. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, then was established in
the year 1430 including five departments namely:

1- Department of Arabic Language (Males and Females).

2- Department of English (Males and Females)

3- Department of Press and Information (Males and Females)

4- Department of Tourism and Antiquities (Males only).

5- Department of Sociology (Supporting)