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English College Portal/Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Vision, Mission and Goals
Achieve academic and research ex



Achieve academic and research excellence in the field of arts and humanities, contribute towards development programs, and attain local and international recognition.




 To provide outstanding education in the field of arts and humanities, develop thought and creativity and prepare national competencies capable of contributing to national transformation programs, conducting scientific research that contribute to the service of society and solving its problems, and meet the needs of the region of Jazan, Saudi Arabia and the world.




The college draws its values ​​from our Islamic religion and its tolerant teachings, taking into account the true belonging towards the nation as well as fostering the spirit of competition with local and international educational institutions. Values ​​are summarized as follows:

  •     Transparency

  •     Justice

  •     Affiliation

  •     Leadership









Develop formal description of all the functions of the college administrators and administrative staff to suit the needs of the college.


Building a common culture for the college through transparency and communication within the college hierarchy.


Obtaining excellence and academic accreditation for the various programs of the college.


Setting requirements, preparations, and greater capabilities of the college departments for students applying for admission, and improving the academic performance of registered students.


Use internationally renowned methods and techniques in teaching and learning.


Create an environment for teaching and learning that involves students' participations and success, and career development for faculty members.


Promote a culture of independent thinking and innovation and help organize ideas and projects through student-faculty interaction.


Encourage access to research and advisory studies, and international partnerships.


Contribute towards hiring of well-qualified faculty members, evaluation and appraisals.


Expand the current curriculum within the College in the main areas of interest to the region and the Kingdom. Updation of curriculum and exploring new areas in: Translation and Language Education, the course of tourism management, new media and public relations, history, geography and geographic information systems.


Engage the industrial or government sector experts and potential beneficiaries in curriculum development.


Promoting the culture of scientific research within the college.