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English College Portal/Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Vision of the College

      The College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Jazan aspires to carry the banner of excellence in the scientific and academic work in the field of Arts and Humanities. And to surge ahead in scientific research in order to attain creativity and development of beneficial interest to our society.


 The overall mission of the college is represented in the following:

·         Provide the community with sciences and knowledge to prepare them to carry out their role in building the society.

·         Further development of academic work and educational attainment in order to achieve excellence and quality.

·         Paying attention to the protection of Arabic language and Islamic heritage.

·         Striving to find an ever evolving link between the Curriculum and the community, and the linguistic, literary and social humanitarian studies shall be developed, promoted, and have close relation with community needs to attain maximum benefits.


  -       Preparation of literary and linguistic studies, which aim to serve the teachings of the Holy Quran and the development of linguistic abilities and communicate with and understand other cultures and sciences, while maintaining the particularity of our immortal language.

-       Preparation of social studies and provision of appropriate solutions to community issues and linguistic problems.

-       Make the students aware of ancient and modern Arab literature, and provide them with experiences that develop their capabilities of criticism, analysis and creativity.

-       Preparation of competent graduates in various fields, to meet the needs of the community.

-       Provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of English language, its literature, linguistics and translation.

-       Encourage critical understanding to the English-speaking world’s thoughts and cultures, and open channels of dialogue with English-speaking nations.

-       Highlight the importance of tourism as a science with its bases and approaches.

-       Spreading the culture of tourism in the community and to concentrate on the concept of the tourism industry.

-       Preparation of competencies in various areas of communications, particularly of journalism and mass communication.

-       Preparation of human resources in various fields of communication, especially the press.