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English College Portal/Faculty of Arts and Humanities/Female Section- Arts College
Personnel Affairs

Head of Personnel Affairs- Nada Mohammed Ahmed Muzaffar 

1- Prepare notification letters regarding initiate work for new faculty members.

2- Opening files and coding for new faculty members.

3- Prepare a file for export and import.

4- Prepare scenes and authorizations.

5- Forums provide pictures of the resolutions and circulars.

6- Prepare monthly reports of absences and sent to the authorization.

 7- Submit requests emergency leave and usual mid-semester vacation, after the completion of the statutory procedures.

8- Submit faculty members (non-Saudi) requests for visit, visa extension, residence and renewal of residence.(for them and their family).

9-Submit members’ requests to attend conferences, courses, and seminars.

10- Save all the decisions and letters and correspondence in the file of each Saudi employee.

11- Coordination and follow-up with the faculty members affairs the staff affair.

12- Prepare experience certificates for faculty members.

13- Submit the return tickets and passports at the end of academic year with receipt of the residence (Iqama).

14- Submit the departments need regarding the faculty members.

15- Conduct all administrative and financial matters for members.