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Quality Assurance Unit

Duties of the Quality Unit:

1. Duties of the Advisory Committee:  

- General supervision of the quality plan at the faculty (female section).

- Help the basic faculty quality committee’s; determine the mechanisms of liaison and coordination arrangements with the Deanship of quality and academic development at the university.

- Arbitration for different standards, prepared by the basic quality Committees.

- Supporting the basic quality Committees with faculty member’s expertise in the areas of training sessions, and workshops organized by these committees.

-Support the basic quality Committees with proposals contribute to the development of the faculty, in all standards set by the National Commission for Academic Assessment and Accreditation.(NCAAA)

- Follow up the implementation of the plan of faculty quality unit.

- Put general trends and tracks for scientific research and postgraduate plans.

2. Duties of the monitoring and evaluation committee:

- Prepare the reports evaluating the performance of faculty members.

-Prepare the reports assessing the university book.

- prepare reports files evaluate female students achievement.

- prepare assessment reports description the programs and courses.

- The preparation of the annual report of the self-assessment of the faculty.

- Prepare the reports assess techniques and learning resources.

- Build models to evaluate the job performance of all employees and faculty members.

- Preparation of the report to all above at the end of year.

3. Duties of the conceptual framework Committee:

- Define a vision, mission and Objectives.

- Identify currents schools, philosophies, and scientific theories, which are consistent with the conceptual framework for the community, educational policy orientations, and the nature of the specialized sections in the faculty.

- Developing indicators to measure the extent to which units fit the overall vision, mission and objectives of the faculty.

- The establishment of educational sessions towards awareness about the standards and elements and concepts of quality of education.

- Identification linkage mechanisms and coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Development at the university.

4 – Duties of the faculty member’s development committee:

- Organizing specialized courses in development administrative skills for faculty members.

- Organizing specialized courses in the development of research skills.

- Organizing specialized courses in modern trends in time management, communication and interaction with female students.

- Organizing specialized courses in female students skills assessment and evaluation.

- Organize courses in recent trends in methods and means of learning.

- The preparation of the annual report of the self-study for faculty, and assess the level of performance of faculty members.

5 – Duties of the Student Development Committee:

- Setting benchmarks and indicators illustrate trends of female students, and their views on the programs, courses of study and educational services.

- The preparation of the necessary standards; to know the views of of female students in vocational and academic performance of faculty members.

- The preparation of the necessary standards; to know the views of of female students in the administrative system of the faculty.

- The establishment of specialized courses on modern trends in the development of tests achievement.

-The establishment of specialized courses for female students about scientific research skills.

- Organizing scientific trips and visits to exhibitions, museums and scientific conferences.

- The organization of programs in cooperation with the Deanship of community service; aimed at developing the skills of volunteer work, and the application of scientific thinking skills, and awareness of human rights, citizenship and dealing with institutions specialized in this field.

- Activating the Scout and clan’s activities inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Submit the monthly reports on the performance of the Commission.

6. Duties of the media committee:

- Spread the culture of quality by electronic means.

- Documenting the activities of quality unit visual and audio.

- Linking the Media Committee with the university level.

- Organizing propaganda appropriate for workshops, seminars and lectures related to the deployment of quality culture.

- Participation in the self-study for Faculty.

- Submit the monthly reports on the performance of the Commission.

7. Duties of the translator Committee:

- Translation of documents and reports from the unit to the English language; routed for whom it may concern.

- Translation quality plans from other universities locally and internationally, as well as documents and reports issued by them for use in faculty quality plan.

- Simultaneous interpretation in workshops and specialized courses carried out by the unit of basic quality Committees.

8 - Duties of the field training Committee:

- Define a vision, mission and objectives of the field training program.

- Specification and characteristics of field supervision based on quality standards and academic development.

- The preparation for the faculty member’s necessary tools for follow-up, and supervision.

- Organizing training courses in the field supervision standards, and the possibility of the application of international standards in this area or take advantage of them.

- Prepare quarterly report on field training program.

9 –Duties of the administrative commission:

- Supervision of all employees in the administrative faculty apparatus.

- Encourage the administrative apparatus on teamwork and cooperation among employees to achieve the objectives and goals of the educational institution.

- Overseeing the efficient and effective implementation of all the services, such as hygiene, simple maintenance, and safety services, occupational health, environmental management and education.

- Assessing the status of equipment on a regular basis at the faculty, with provide the means of preventive maintenance, and replacement when needed.

-Prepare reports assessing Faculty Laboratories.

- Develop a mechanism to monitor the faculty area to take advantage and the reallocation of facilities response to changing needs by educational institution.

- Supervision of the financial resources and direct them to effectively match the requirements, and priorities of the institution.

- Commitment to the budget, and attach with the framework of the accounting systems used at the university.

- Develop a plan for a system of accounting for administrative institution.

-Develop a mechanism of action at the educational and administrative supplies request or purchase so that the study involves choosing the best ones, and offer alternatives available to the institution, this requires the establishment of timetables to follow the process to infrastructure implementing , maintenance and replacement.

- Solicit the views of users of the facilities to help in the planning of operations improvement.