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English College Portal/Faculty of Arts and Humanities/Female Section- Arts College
Student Activity and Public Relations Unit

1- Work on the composition of the student personal integrated balanced.

2- Investment leisure time of the female students in targeted programs and useful for the detection of their talents and abilities and then refined and development.

3- Training female students on the leadership , obedience in well-known, responsibility and the burdens of life.

4- Strengthening the linkages between female students and faculty members in order to achieve the female students to take advantage of their expertise and their behavior.

5- Closer the bonds of brotherhood between female students, and strengthen the spirit of harmony, love and cooperation among them.

6-Take advantage of educational programs and cultural and social implemented through student activity, which may not be available for the student an opportunity to learn and practice within the classroom.

7- To encourage the student on the educational attainment of support through the tutorials and short courses and scientific projects.

8- Students develop a sense of belonging and loyalty to the Faculty, increasing the number of female students participating in student activities.

9- Detection of female students' talent to develop and hone their creative abilities.