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English College Portal/Faculty of Arts and Humanities/Female Section- Arts College
Student Affairs Unit

Duties of Student Affairs Office

1. Instant services.

1- Supervision for all units that belong to the office.

2- Receive complaints from female students and find solutions and contribute to the implementation of solutions.

3- Reception of the tasks of the deputy dean and distributed to units that belong to the office.

4- Forums help to regulate the functioning of the educational process.

5- Preparation of letters issued by the office and circulars.

6- The receipt contained to the office, and follow-up implementation

7- issue letters for governmental health institutions .

8- Fill out applications for re-correction in the period set for that and lifting them to the point of charge.

9- Receive the portable device (Laptop) and handle form to each female student.

10- Work to develop the character and level of the female students, and employees of units

11- Receiving weekly or annual reports of the units that belong to the office send it to deputy dean office.

2. Unit of registration:

1- Feed the Deanship Admission and Registration situations of female students (Denial - dropouts).

2- Feed the academic schedules to the university program.

3- Organize the female students the deletion and addition at beginning of each semester.

4- Withdraw lists of attendance for female students.

5- Withdraw statements scores at the end of each semester.

3. Duties of educational Sections:

1- The distribution of assessments and course schedule and office hours to the faculty members and uploaded it to the authority concerned.

2- Follow-up to the regularity of the progress of lectures on the dates specified in the approved study schedules.

3- Receive complaints from students regarding lectures and contributing to possible solutions, and follow-up resolved.

4- Emphasis on the faculty members on the distribution of grades according to quarterly work and activities

5- Set up tests schedules in agreement with the faculty members and female students.

6-arrange monthly meeting of members, discuss (the problems, needs, members' commitment to certain decision.

7- Submit the monthly report of absence for faculty members.

8- Determine the best means and scientific programs, consistent with the recent trends in application.

9- Activating the notification incoming to section, and members of the media, and take over the issuance answer (outgoing).

10- Urged female students to participate in extracurricular activities, seminars, conferences and lectures that done by the university.