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Arabic Language Department celebrated the opening of Program of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers




In light of the permanent keenness the Department of Arabic to keep up with the requirements and objectives of teaching Arabic language in contexts diverse, and support of its staff in various programs, came the ceremonial of Arabic Department to launched the latest educational programs, a program of language instruction for non-native speakers, which opened at the beginning of the second semester, to be a bridge of science  and education among Arabic language, culture and willing to learn from other nationalities and languages​​ .

The program was inaugurated in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. Yahya bin Muhammad Elhakmi, and His Excellency the President of the Department of Arabic dr. Majdi bin Mohammed Khawaji, also was welcomed by the Dean of Faculty the arrival of the first batch of students for the program coming from the Republic of Benin, and assured them of the keenness of Faculty to provide the environment of educational convenience to receive the Arabic language and interact with them, was also keen on discussing the difficulties they find in learning Arabic and praised on the value of learning the language of career.

 He also welcomed the head of the Arabic language the students exchange dialogue about the value of the Arabic language, was touching over their eagerness to gain from the diversity of Arab questions that were keen to put forward during the meeting.



The program of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers the fruit of the future vision set by section for the development of its programs and its interaction with the scientific developments, the program includes a study plan of four consecutive seasons in the two-years university academic after the student has obtained the knowledge structure and scientific public to interact with the Arabic language and the acquisition of skills essential.



 News Date: 10/6/2014 Last Update: 1/4/2016 4:12 PM