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Jazan University Female Students Visit Jazan Museum
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The Students Activity Unit at Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Jazan University organized a visit
for female students of Journalism and Information Department to Jazan Museum of Antiquities
and Heritage. The aim of the visit is to acquaint he students about the historical sites of the region, the importance of preserving these sites as well as to train students how to take professional photos
for these sites.

Dr. Rihab Fathi, the visit supervisor explained that the purpose of the visit to the museum is to activate the extra-curricular activities and the desire to acquire and expose students with their cultural heritage. Dr. Rihab added that students should find out what is inside the museum of historical views and sites and should realize the importance of preserving and publicizing it. At the end of the visit, students were given the opportunity to snapshot photos for documentation. 
 News Date: 12/6/2015 Last Update: 1/4/2016 2:57 PM