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About JCC

      JCC is a post-secondary institution aimed at serving students from Jazan and surrounding communities by providing high quality technical and vocational training. JCC was among the first three community colleges to be established in the Kingdom under the affiliation of King Saud University in 1998. From late 1999 up until 2006, it was affiliated with King Khalid University.   JCC has become an affiliate of Jazan University since its establishment in 2006. The college programs utilize the best available tools and resources to help students become well equipped and knowledgeable in order to fulfill the changing needs of the labor market.

         JCC has been operating through highly qualified faculty and able administrators with diversified work experience worldwide. Currently JCC offers 7 Associate Degree programs. With the full participation of business, industry, and local community, the college will continue to strive to promote the development of environment and community service, as well as raise the efficiencies of graduates through specialized training courses.



      “Developing highly employable graduates who have a firm grasp of  academic and practical skills and are well qualified to work in various practical fields. This college emphasizes student oriented, transferable learning, enabling students to achieve work, career and personal success. It provides high quality, student friendly, and easily accessible educational services.  We are highly effective and flexible in responding to the demands of the private and public sectors in our region.”



   “JCC is committed to preparing a generation of outstanding cadres in a variety of fields; a generation able to shoulder the responsibility, and capable of innovation and meet the labor market needs and interests. This is to be attained through providing high quality education and training, contributing to the development of environment and community service, while fostering the efficiencies of graduates through holding specialized training courses.”


Goals and Objectives

JCC is committed to the following goals: 

Goal 1: Creating opportunities for university education for secondary school graduates.

Objective 1:

Raise the educational level and attainment of our community progressively.

Objective 2:

Create and foster an energetic system of effective education for better jobs.

Objective 3:

Prepare students and engage them in strategic relationships, partnerships and collaborations with employers.

Objective 4: 

Mobilize JCC’s extensive academic programs of career, technical, and literacy education.

Objective 5:

Become increasingly  responsive to the multifarious ways of students learning and help students address their academic and non academic needs.

Objective 6:

Provide appropriate learning support to enable all students discover and reach their potential.

Objective 7:

  Align program offerings with learners’ personal and career goals. 


Goal 2: Preparing cadres through professional training programs to contribute successfully towards filling job vacancies and perform with excellence.

Objective 1:

Create demand driven academic programs that are responsive to both employer needs and the career advancement requirements of students.

Objective 2:

  Perform Practical Task Assignments related to students' program major.

Objective 3:

Promote learner-centered programs dedicated to help learners addressing academic and non-academic challenges.

Objective 4:

Collaborate more with local businesses to offer innovative employment and training opportunities.

Goal 3: Tailoring training programs in accordance with specific needs of local businesses.

Objective 1:

Focus on the commitment to providing tailored training programs, satisfying local business requirements.

Objective 2:

Use multiple methods of instruction including experiential and problem-based methods for useful practical knowledge and skills.

Objective 3:

Enhance students’ abilities to become self-directed, lifelong learners through comprehensive academic and student support systems.  

Goal 4: Benchmarking leading local and international community colleges.

Objective 1:

Coordinate with leading national community colleges for exchange of expertise.

Objective 2:

Establish links with international community colleges for staff development, student training, and program evaluation.

Objective 3:

Follow local and international quality standards in the development and revision of training programs. 

Strategies for Achieving the Objectives

Staff and students work in the light of the strategic directions, goals, and objectives of JCC. The Dean is responsible for evaluating  monthly progress reports towards achievement and accomplishments of the objectives. In addition to formal annual evaluations, each department reports on progress towards achieving goals and objectives at staff and board meetings each month. These reports assist in monitoring college progress towards achieving its goals and objectives.

Benefits for Studying at JCC

      1. Flexible entrance requirements.


      2. Small class sizes.


      3. Focus on major skills of English language and IT.


      4. Emphasis on practical training and field experience.


      5. Career counseling to graduates.


JCC Associate Degree Programs

JCC has two departments offering the Associate Degree in seven programs.


A. Department of Administrative Science

The Department of Administrative Science offers the Associate Degree in the following specialties :

       1. Accounting

       2. Business Administration

       3. Hotel and Tourism Management

       4. Marketing

       5. Office Management


B. Department of Computer and Information

    The Department of Computer and information offers the Associate Degree in the following specialties :

       1. Computer Programming and Operation 

       2. Systems Analysis and Design