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The Department of Management was established in 1998.

Vision :

To be recognized in the region as a pioneer in delivering high quality professional management education.

Mission :

To provide business oriented professional and educational programs in Accounting, Office and Hotel Management, Marketing, and Business Administration satisfying labor market needs.

Associate Degree Programs

The Department of Management grants Associate Degree in the following specializations:

Program Coordinator

Mr. Faiys Yazdani
Dr. Khaled Mohamed Alanssary
Mr. Shiekh Bilal
Dr. tariq Zubair
Dr. Nabil Alimi

Career Opportunities :

Graduates, who have successfully completed an associate degree in accounting, may take entry level positions with accounting firms or within a business accounting department. Possible career options for graduates include bookkeeping, accounting assistant, accounts payable clerk, and administrative assistant. Graduates of Business Administration have employment chances in businesses, the government, health care organizations, banks and hotels. Entry level job titles may include: teller, insurance agent, assistant auditor, assistant accountant, assistant manager, and store manager. Graduates of Hotel and Tourism Management Program are entitled to have employment in a management capacity within the hospitality and tourism sector, hotels, resorts, restaurants, events and convention centers. The Associate Degree Program in Marketing prepares students for careers related to the selling of products to customers, along with a multitude of positions that contribute to that goal. Common careers include marketing manager, advertising manager, management consultant, salesperson/sales manager, brand manager, product manager, and public relations manager. The Office Management Associate Degree Program prepares students for entry level office management jobs by teaching the skills required for today’s fast changing business environment.