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General Requirements for Admission

Conditions for admitting a student to Jazan Community College for the Associate Degree are as follows:

1.  A student must have obtained a Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent.

2.  A student must have good behavior and conduct.

3.  A student must be of good health.

4.  Only full time students are enrolled.

5.  An employed prospective student should have a written permission from his/her  employer.

6.      Admission is based on a combination of the student score in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), known as THANAWIA, and scores in two standard national tests organized and administered by the “National Center for Assessment in Higher Education” (QIYAS). These two Exams are:

    General Aptitude Test, known as QUDRAT.

    Scientific Track Admission Test, known as TAHSEEL.


Transfer of Students

  1. A student may transfer to JCC from any other colleges of Jazan University or other universities provided that an academic degree granted by that institution is equivalent or less to a JCC degree. The following criteria also apply:  

a.  The student should have a minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 5.0, and should not have been dismissed for any disciplinary reasons from the institution he/she has been transferred from.

b.  The student must complete at least 50% of the credit hours of study required for graduation at JCC.

c.  A transferred student will be exempted from certain courses required for the Associate Degree at JCC, if he/she has already taken equivalents at the previous institution. However, a course taken at the previous institution will be considered equivalent to a course offered at JCC provided:

i.      The student has passed the former course.

ii.    The credit hours of the former course are not less than those of the latter course and;

iii.  The detailed contents of the two courses are ascertained to be essentially equivalent by the concerned JCC department. Courses from which a transferred student is exempted can be listed in his/her transcript but will not contribute to his/her cumulative GPA at JCC.