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Blended learning workshop
The presence of His Excellency Dean of the community College, held workshop for members of the teaching faculties of boys and girls entitled (Blended learning)... ... More
JU recruits English instructors at Tesol Convention 2011
Jazan University recruits English instructors at Tesol Convention 2011 Professor Sultan Alhazmi leads the University recruitment delegation at the 45th Tesol Convention and Job Fair held in New Orleans USA 17-19th March 2011...etc ... More
Students of Information System visited Information Technolocgy Department of jazan university
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Jazan Community College Awarded International Accreditation
The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE) has granted accreditation to Jazan Community College of Jazan University (JCC) and its two affiliate Girl’s branches in Abu Arish and Jazan... ... More
Students of Jazan community College won football competition
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