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Jazan Community College Awarded International Accreditation

The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE) has granted accreditation to Jazan Community College of Jazan University (JCC) and its two affiliate Girl’s branches in Abu Arish and Jazan. Announcement of the action was made by Mr. Alfonso Salazar, Commission Chair, following the COE Winter Commission Meeting of the Council on Occupational Education on June 7, 2014.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Sultan Bin Hassan Al-Hazmi explained that the Academic Accreditation to Community College comes in continuation of efforts and the University management’s application of its strategy. It is aimed at improving the performances and results and keeping abreast of the developments in the field of higher education. He also pointed out that the University aims to emulate its conventions and forge agreements with the most prestigious universities in the world, in addition to complying to all the global standards and specifications in laboratories, lecture halls and educational curricula.

Dr. Al-Hazmi reiterated that the university is working to develop and improve the educational environment, enhance the performance of faculty members, establish leadership in the ongoing campus development, continue the commitment to the global academic norms whether for inputs or outcomes of the educational process, as well as the development of specialized research centers to ensure scientific excellence and leadership in the field of research and innovation. Explaining further, the University is working to develop alliances with the renowned Academic communities and the scientific foundations of thought, in order to ensure effective contribution in solving problems and invest and utilize the resources and funds for the benefit of the community and promote and preserve cultural identity.

 The Community College Dean Dr. Ali Mohammed Medabbish explained that this significant achievement will contribute towards the further development of the college. The graduating students will be capable of gaining acceptance in the labor market and the recognition that accompanies the International Accreditation will provide greater employment opportunities for them.

Dr. Medabbish added that the Community College has been organizing training workshops for students at universities of the world, within the framework of the cooperative training programmes in summer and has signed several agreements for international cooperation. This has helped to enhance the abilities and credentials of the students, as they are provided international exposure and training in the various specialties, which includes business management, marketing, accounting, tourism and computer programming and analysis.

 News Date:  Last Update: 1/17/2016 5:10 PM