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Students of Jazan community College won football competition


Team of 5 players from the Information System, Computer Department, won the competition of football.

Information System team from computer department won the competition of football winning the final match against management sciences team, held on  Saturday 12th Muharram 1432 in the college stadium. Information system team won 2-1.

Community college won first place in the race competition organized by the university.

First place in 100 m 200 m

Student – Muhammed Ali Sufiyani.

First place in high jump

Student – Ahmed Masood Al Absi.

Third place in disc throwing

Student – Muhammed Hussain Abbas.

Third place in 800 m competition

Student – Ahmed Ali Saad.

First place in serial 100 * 4 meters completion won by the team of students from community college

·         Muhammed Ali Sufiyani.

·         Ahmed Masood Alabsi.

·         Muhammed Uthman Sha’fa.

·         Ahmed Ali Sa’ad.




 News Date: 12/29/2010 Last Update: 1/18/2016 11:17 AM