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Dean’s Message

In any educational institution, College of Dentistry has always been unique in its particularity that stems from the many facets it overlooks the surrounding world, and the many balconies on which its objectives and aspirations embark. It is the body responsible for ensuring the quality of the educational system, which in turn produces competent dentists with well-established personalities to be future leaders in the field of health care. It is also the gate from which the University extends its hand to the community, providing high-quality oral health care services. Further, it is a scientific edifice that conducts scientific research in all fields of dental science. The College of Dentistry, Jazan University is not an exception. Since its birth in 2010, it has been like a dream for a young university and an aspiring society. Hence, it was born large and mature, with equipment of tremendous quantity and high quality. At the time of establishment of the college, it was the largest assembly of dental clinics in the southern region: 120 clinics. Now, there is a tremendous increase in both quality and quantity of the infrastructure, the number of clinics is 273 well equipped clinics. From its first day, it has always been a center of a productive work in which the educational process integrates with the health service. With no doubt, this puts a real burden of responsibility on its leaders towards development and improvement and to continue on the path of excellence to its end that does not exist. The current phase of the college' life is an accurate and critical phase. In this phase, we are working to maintain the gains and activate them in a sustainable manner, and we are looking at an ambitious vision adopted by all spectrums of the country, aiming at crossing the yards of excellence through high-efficiency productivity based on international quality standards. It is the time that we are developing the work systems, and processes to reach the goals and achieve the vision. I feel here the responsibility that I have been given by "the kind confidence" to lead this edifice. At the same time I feel and thank the great support of the college from the leadership of the university, and the most important support from my fellow staff, which gives me day after day confidence in the ability to cross toward the success through the team and integral work. I ask the Almighty to repay our footsteps and bless our efforts.

Dr. Abdulwahab Alamir

The Dean