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English College Portal/Faculty of Dentistry


Colleges that teach Dentistry have always been uniquely distinguished in training highly qualified dentists that later serve as responsible health care providers to the communities that they serve. They also act as gateways through which their respective universities advance scientific research and discovery that has a meaningful societal impact.

The College of Dentistry at Jazan University is no exception to this, and ever since its founding in 2010, as the largest dental campus in the Southern Region of Saudi Arabia, we have held true to the vision and ambition of its growing University into a national leader in oral health care and community service. Now we are currently expanding our campus into a more complex institution, to include more than 270 clinics, a richly diverse faculty, staff and students to act as both an anchor in our region and as a leading national higher education institution.

And while we see Saudi Arabia’s distinctive 2030 vision become a reality, we will adopt this vision in a very simple but profound way: creating relevant, rigorous educational experiences that prepare our students for leadership in the 21st-century world. Together, we will chart an exciting and ambitious course for the immediate future by taking our educational enterprise to the next level of excellence while preserving our current assets and activating them in a sustainable manner.

I hereby acknowledge the great responsibility of leading this institution, and discern the tremendous support that our College currently receives from the University. I also thank the endless support of my colleagues the faculty members, who give me great confidence in our ability to attain success through collective teamwork.

May Allah bless our efforts and guide us towards a straight path.


Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Amir

Dean, College of Dentistry