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Units of Dean’s Office

Human Resources Unit Tasks

  1. 1- Follow up the needs of the faculty members and support groups in the college.
    2- Supervise the reception of work applications for specializations in which the shortage has not been filled in yet.
    3- Study documents and certificates before following up the preparation of the job offer by the competent authority at the university.
    4- Supervise the follow-up of job offers for those nominated through the unit.
    5- Supervise the process of receiving the contracting members and employees and ensure that the required documents are completed and submitted to the competent authorities in the university.
    6- Prepare a database for all jobs that are created, from the announcement until the issuance of the appointment decisions.
    7- Responding to complaints and grievances submitted by the dismissed or the excluded.
    8- Prepare periodic reports on the achievements of the Department.

Community Service Unit Tasks

  1. 1- Follow up the preparation of an annual plan for community service according to needs.
    2- Contribute to increasing community awareness of oral and dental health. 3- Monitor, organize and document community service activities.
    4- Urge faculty members to participate in community service activities.
    5- Issuing certificates for the activity provided.
    6- Prepare a report on community service activities and submitting them to the Dean of the College.
    7- Evaluate the participation of the college in community service activities.
    8- Follow up documentation of activities (e.g., counseling, therapeutic services, lectures, etc.).
    9- Execute the duties assigned by the Dean of the College.