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Units of Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs
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Student Affairs Unit

This unit is responsible for directing new students, introducing them to the college and its various departments, preparing them for study, advising the students of the college academically, and providing support to them in coordination with the relevant authorities. The unit also develops students' personal skills and abilities, helps them define their future goals, and chart the appropriate road map to achieve them.

Tasks and functions

  • Supervising the admission and registration process
  • Develop student guidance and guidance policies
  • Preparation of development plans for students' skills and follow-up of student activities
  • Participate in the preparation of academic schedules for students of the college and announce any changes therein.
  • Implementing the decisions issued related to the students from the Councils and the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs.


Program Implementation and Evaluation Unit

This unit is responsible for supervising the implementation of the Bachelor of Oral Surgery and Dentistry program, including the academic schedules issued by the College's Academic Affairs Vice Deanship, with all the necessary capabilities for its implementation as planned. The unit also works to assess the educational process periodically and continuously and then propose development plans and recommendations for adoption by the higher authorities.

 Tasks and functions:

  • Oversee all activities related to implementation and evaluation of the curriculum.
  • Conducting studies and surveys necessary for evaluation and making recommendations for adoption.
  • Study and review study plans periodically to explore weaknesses and recommend ways to 
    address them and make appropriate adjustments.


Examinations Unit

This unit is responsible for supervising the coordination and implementation of the quarterly and final examination schedules of the courses of the Faculty of Dentistry. It also ensures the quality of the tests and presents all the results to the committees of the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs and then announces them.