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Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs


  1. 1- Draw and implement the scientific and administrative objectives and policies of the Vice Dean in accordance with the regulations.
    2- Supervise the implementation of the policies, materials and operational rules related to the study and examinations.
    3- Support, control and supervision of all activities of the Vice Dean.
    4- Oversee the development of courses and evaluation mechanisms.
    5- Supervise the academic and technical performance of all members of faculty.
    6- Propose the future plan and development projects for academic affairs.
    7- Implement the decisions of the College Council and other decisions related to the higher authorities.
    8- Prepare an annual report on academic affairs and submit this to the Dean of the College.
    9- Provide infrastructure for the educational process (provision of human and material resources).
    10- Review and evaluate academic programs and scientific activities.
    11- Prepare a database of all documents related to academic activities.
    12- Carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Dean.


  1. 1. Program Implementation Unit
    2. Student Evaluation Unit
    3. Student Affairs Unit
    4. Electronic Learning Unit