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Vice Deanship of Clinical Affairs


  1. 1- Supervise clinical affairs in the clinic.
    2- Supervise the production plants and educational laboratories.
    3- Supervise the Training Unit of the Interns and heading the Supervisory Committee of the Interns Program.
    4- Supervise the management of procurement and medical warehouses.
    5- Supervise the projects of the new buildings of the college and its medical equipment’s.
    6- Supervise the Ethical Standards Unit
    7- Supervise Infection Control Unit
    8- The committee shall examine the offers submitted in the annual tender for medical supplies.
    9- The Committee shall study the presentations submitted for the implementation of thework and procurement by direct purchase in the College of Dentistry.
    10- The staff assignment committee has to work overtime.
    11- Investigate the violators of the nursing and technical staff and initiate administrative procedures against them.
    12- Supervise the selection of applicants to the University for Appointment to the clinics and laboratories of the college as doctors, consultants, doctors, specialists, resident doctors, nurses and technical support staff.



  1. 1. Clinic Administration
    2. Laboratory Administration
    3. Department of Purchasing and Medical Warehouses d. Infection Control Unit
    4. Diagnostic Radiology Unit
    5. Intern Training Unit
    6. Building & Equipment Unit
    7. Information Technology Unit