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Vice Deanship of Female students


  1. 1- Oversee the implementation of the College's Strategic Plan.
    2- Management of the college's educational and cultural affairs and student activity for female students.
    3- Coordinate and development of college relations inside and outside of the university in relation to female students.
    4- Supervise the provision of all the educational, research and administrative requirements of the college for the female students.
    5- Maintain the fixed and movable property of the college.
    6- Improve the intellictual image of the faculty.
    7- Contribute to the planning and preparation of the college budget.
    8- Implement and following up the decisions of the College Board regarding the students.
    9- Develop work in administrative and academic departments.
    10- Raise the disciplinary matters, with respect to female students and faculty members to the Dean of the College.
    11- Supervise the units of the Vice Dean and all female students related affairs.
    12- Receiving complaints and grievances of female students and chairing their rights committee.
    13- Apply instructions, regulations and decisions issued by the College Council and the University.
    14- Follow up students' issues such as absence and deprivation in accordance with rules and regulations.
    15- Supervise the arrangement and processing of lecture halls and laboratories for students during the academic year and ensure that all requirements are met.
    16- Monitor the progress of study and daily work and control the system in the students' building.
    17- Holding periodic meetings with female students, faculty members and female employees as needed.
    18- Meeting new students and faculty members and introducing them to the college and its plan.
    19- Coordinate with other agencies and scientific departments.
    20- Help the Dean to plan everything that will facilitate the work of the female section. 21- General supervision on the Department of Female Students and follow-up work progress within the academic and administrative units in a way that insures achieving the vision and mission of the Dean.
    23- Coordinate and facilitate the administrative work of female students.
    24- Supervise those assigned under any item - community service, female employees appointed by companies contracted to serve the college - in a way that does not prejudice the original supervisory powers.
    25- Hold meetings with faculty members and students individually to consider their needs and problems.
    26- Submit periodic reports to the Dean on the progress of the units and the difficulties and suggestions to overcome them.
    27- Request the transfer of the faculty members from the administrative, technical and employee departments to investigate the alleged offenses and to raise these to the Dean.
    28- Approve performance evaluation reports.
    29- Monitor students' commitment to be observant in their dress and behavior according to university regulations and in light of the teachings and ethics of the sharia.
    30- Propose a training plan for the staff of the Dean according to the need, and in order to achieve the level of performance of the work, without prejudicing it, and raise this proposal to the Vice Head of the university.
    31- Direct the college staff to implement the regulations and regulations.
    32- Identify the needs of the section of female students with regard to employees and technicians as well as equipment and materials.
    33- Coordinate with other faculties with respect to female students.
    34- Supervise the activities of female students (cultural, social and sports).
    35- Supervise the exams and follow up on their work through the year.
    36- Execute the work of the Board or Dean of the College.


  1. 1. Personnel Affairs Unit
    2. Faculty Member Affairs Unit
    3. Female Student Affairs Unit
    4. Maintenance Unit
    5. Security and Safety Unit



  1. 1. Supervisor of Academic Affairs.
    2. Assistant Director for Administrative Affairs of the Female Section.