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Vice Deanship of Graduate Studies


  1. 1- Attract and supporting the excellent faculty members and the like.
    2- Spreading the culture of scientific research among faculty members and students and increasing research output quality and quantity.
    3- Supervise the scientific research of faculty members and students, following up on its implementation and preparing plans for its development.
    4- Establish and strengthen international cooperation relations with world renowned international dentistry universities to share experiences and services.
    5- Supervise the unit of continuing education and coordinating its activities.
    6- Supervise the Innovation Unit
    7- Supervise the Media and Public Relations Unit of the College.
    8- Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the progress of his/her units in accordance with the tasks entrusted to him/her and the difficulties he/she faces.
    9- Follow up the updating of the College's website with regard to the concerned Vice Dean and its affiliated units.


  1. 1. Scientific Research Unit
    2. Continuing Education Unit
    3. The supervision unit of the demonstrators and scholarship
    4. Innovation and Leadership Unit
    5. Postgraduate Studies Unit