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President of Jazan University: Eliminating Terrorism is Priority of the Kingdom, at the Forefront in combating it.

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​His Excellency Acting President of Jazan University Mohammed Bin Ali Rubai'ya praised the decision taken by the Kingdom about formation of an Islamic-military alliance of 34 Islamic countries for fighting terrorism.
​Professor Rubai'ya mentioned that what the Kingdom enjoys of wisdom and foresight makes it to be the first to reject extremism and violence, dry out the sources of terrorism and fight it. The Kingdom has the precedence in forming such alliances, launching initiatives and suggestions.
​Professor Rubai'ya pointed out that the press conference held by the Crown of the Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz , the Minister of Defense came as a declaration of inaugurating a new entity by the Kingdom. This entity aims to achieve the unity of Islamic Nations for confronting terrorism that threatens all Islamic countries and perverts the image of Islamic Religion and its tolerance. It serves as a road map for confronting terrorism and  intellectual and military extremism and all the terrorist organizations, starting from Al-Qaida passing through Da'ish (ISIS) and all such organizations that appear on the scene at any time and place.  
Dr. Ruabi'ya stressed that We as Saudi citizens support, stand beside the Wise Leadership and advocate all their decisions. We are looking forward to this alliance to make a noticeable change in the map of the Islamic World and to see a real declaration of the principle of Islamic fraternity that our true Religion encourages. Allah Almighty says in His Holy Quran: "The Muslims are brothers." He also says: " Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour: fear Allah: for Allah is strict in punishment". 
​Professor Rubai'ya added that this alliance will confront all challenges that endeavor to dismantle the unity of Muslims in the region, which becomes so clear, planting the seeds of terrorism, creating seditions in all Arabic countries in particular and Islamic World in general.