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The Department of first aid and emergency at the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at Jazan University aims at getting a reputation nationally and internationally in the field of emergency medical services and preparing outstanding graduates to become creative leaders in their professional and educational activities and administration.


We  are an academic department at the  Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences that seeks the graduation of efficient health care cadres with high professional abilities to provide distinctive medical care to emergency cases in hospitals and first aid centers according to the most developed academic and professional standards, by providing them with modern concepts and advanced skills according to our Islamic values and carry out excellent scientific research to meet the development needs of the community.


  1. Preparation of highly qualified health care professionals who are trained to use the latest medical technology.
  2. Disseminate health awareness among members of society.
  3. Conduct research for the development of health care in the region at different levels.
  4. Effective participation in all the activities that are designed to serve the citizens and community health.
  5. Implement theoretical and practical approach that is based on scientific evidence in health education.
  6. Achieve academic accreditation from the NCAAA.
  7. Provide academic and administrative environment for learning and stimulating productivity and creativity.
  8.  Cooperate and coordinate with Health Ministry and the relevant emergency medical services departments in the UK to develop the quality of training.
  9. Participate in the implementation of faculty development programs for all the staff of the department.
  10.  Develop the students' knowledge and skills through participation in seminars, scientific conferences and lectures inside and outside the Kingdom to achieve the latest developments in this area.
  11.  Active participation with educational organizations and excellence research centers internally and externally.


3rd Level


1Emergency care- basics


1EMS communication and documentation


1fitness and Work performance


anatomy & physiology for EMS


medical microbiology for EMS










4th Level


1ems patient assessment


1introduction to advance emergency care




2clinical 1








5rd Level


1clinical 2


1ems cardiology and ecg interpretation




1pulmonary and airway management


1pulmonary and airway management-modified




2 medical emergencies


Introduction to health informatics


medical emergencies




6rd Level


1clinical 3


1special considerations


1trauma emergencies











7rd Level


1clinical 4


1ems education


1ems rescue and ambulance operation


1mass gathering and disaster management


2 neonatal and pediatric emergencies


2clinical decision making


2public health and saftery for paramedics













8rd Level


1critical care paramedic


1emergency service administration


1evidence based practice


2clinical 5


research methodology


total quality management












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Second Academic Year 

Third Academic Year

Fourth Academic Year