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Dean's Message



                                         In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

All praises to Allah who teaches us with pen and who teaches the mankind what they do not know. Prayers and peace upon the only teacher of the mankind, its guide to the way of light and truth. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia devotes great attention and care to education through establishment of the state of the art educational institutions and universities through the whole kingdom. Due to the steady increase in the health services, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia advocates and prioritizes great attention and interest in health education. Therefore, the Faculty of Public Health and Tropical Medicine is considered one of the achievements of Jazan University following its establishment in 2011. 

Public health is the cornerstone to improve community health through control and prevention of diseases and other health issues including psychological health problems affecting population in developed and developing countries through local health systems and non-governmental organizations.

Graduation of well-trained health specialists who are competent to serve in different disciplines of public health and who are able to solve the public health concerns arising in the Kingdom is the major outcome from establishment of the Faculty of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in Jazan University. The Faculty of Public Health and Tropical Medicine comprises eight different departments which specialize in all aspects of public health. This diversity in specialties reflect the objective of the faculty of Public Health and Tropical Medicine to provide the health sector with public health specialists and to adopt the comprehensive scientific picture to achieve the desired goal which is the  improvement of community and individual health. The latter is considered the cornerstone to develop the community and makes it parallel to other developed communities globally. 

In conclusion, I hope that our work is conducted for the sake of Allah and that we will be accountable to the mission.

Thank you,

Dr. Mohammed Jubran Almalki


Faculty of Public Health and Tropical Medicine