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Jazan University, Faculty of Public Health & Tropical Medicine (FPHTM), is in a unique position and important strategic role to play as it’s the first entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the mission to address both public health and tropical medicine problems that currently, and will face the kingdom in the near and long future.  Through cutting-edge research, the faculty will have a great potential to improve and advance the health and quality of life for the local populations.

 Beside the academic functions, The FPHTM is leading the charge in many fields and fronts, as a leader and a reference for other local, national and international health entities, and has a positively needed impact on the kingdom health policy decision making process.

 The following summarizes the goals of the Research unit activities at FPHTM:
1. Addressing the public health problem of the region and researching possible solutions.
2. Streamline the application process for research projects
3. Track and evaluate the funded projects
4. Offer technical support for faculty and outside government agencies.
5. Peer-review local and international publications
6. Facilitate and establish collaborations with other faculties and local, regional and national agencies.
7. Identify hot areas of public health research and problems.
8. Public health support for local government and private institutions.
9. Establish research focused links with international health agencies. 

Despite the short time frame from its inception, the faculty submitted 8 research proposals for funding with estimated value of 8,000,000 SR to national funding bodies.  The unit goal for the next year is to secure 36,000,000 SR for public health and tropical diseases research.

The unit established collaborations with several health and service government entities within the Jazan region.  In addition, several collaborative supports were established with several national NGO’s. 
The FPHTM academic staff possesses vast array of health specialties, skills, experience and research interests, which if fully utilized will definitely benefit not only the local populations but the Kingdom as a whole.

Our ultimate mission is to improve people health and quality of life.