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About the importance of Scientific Research

    Importance of Scientific Research for Human Life
The importance of scientific research in human life is represented through the fact that scientific research is the key factor in improving human level from intellectual, cultural and civil point of view, so that the competence and quality of human succession on the earth is improved as no other creatures are honored with this, an honor bestowed by Allah Almighty.

The Scientific research benefit the humans to frame the appropriate notions and beliefs about Allah - the Creator, is also useful in correcting some of the information about the universe in which they live, the phenomena being experienced, the places, monuments and personalities and others are also useful in overcoming the difficulties that a person may face, whether political, environmental, economic, social, or cultural and so on. The scientific research is also useful in the critical interpretation of views, doctrines, ideologies and rules and is useful in the interpretation of the phenomena of nature and their prediction through General rules and laws. Scientific research facilitates fact-finding from which humans benefit in overcoming some of its problems, such as diseases, epidemics, poverty and reach the best solutions to overcome the issues like - social, environmental, production, development, marketing, elections, transfer of power and art problems etc.

The importance of scientific research clearly impacts every facet of the technologically advanced era; its slogan being “survival of the fittest”. Scientific research is no longer the academic domain, practiced by a group of researchers who are languishing in ivory towers. It has become the engine of the new world system and the world is in a feverish race to attain the maximum amount of technology and the full and fruitful knowledge that ensures the comfort and well-being of the human race. Scientific research is also important in opening channels of creativity, art and excellence to the individuals and people in the communities no matter how they differ and vary in their culture. The scientific research also revives the heritage and the old ideas and accurately checks out them scientifically and thus its development to have new discoveries and innovations. It - scientific research - allows a new understanding of the past for the sake of a new start for the present and forward-looking vision for the future.
Head of Scientific Research Standards
Head of the Department of Home Economics

Dr. Samia Mustafa Ibrahim Mohammed