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English College Portal/Faculty of Science and Arts in Farasan
College Place & Equipments

The college facilities and its equipments

The college of science and arts in Farasan is located –plan(2)

It contains the following:


Studying  rooms:

1.     Rooms for men -  4

2.     Study rooms -  16


Administrative offices:

1.Office of the dean and her secretary.

2.Office of the administrator and communication manager.

3.Office of the vice dean and her secretary.

4. Office of the manager of employee affairs.

5. Office of  the academic guidance.

6.Office of the Quality.

7.Office of Admission, registrations and  graduates.

8-Office of the administrators.

9. Office of the staff members.

10. Meeting hall.



- Language labs - 5

-Nursing labs  - 5

-Computer lab - 1

-Physics lab - 1

-Biology lab - 1

-Chemistry lab - 1



-Photocopying unit



-Entertainment hall

-Inside hall

-Prayers hall


-Room of security members (Men)

-Room of security members (Women)

-Food hall for the students.



-          Toilets for students - 2

-          A toilet for employees


Emergency exits:-

-Emergency exit number (69)

- Emergency exit number (70)

- Emergency exit number (71)