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Functions of Academic Advisor

                            Functions of Academic Advisor

For College:

1.    General supervision of counselor's academics and  follow-up, bringing her from cases.

2.    Reception and welcoming new students on their first day of college.

3.    Distribution of students according to specialization among faculty members.

4.    Receive cases sent to him/her by the counselor academics.

For Students :

     The academic guide should follow the student from the time of admission until graduation. and help the student in all the necessities of life. The duties of the academic guide are as follows:   

1 .To get acquaintance with the student and build a good relationships consolidated by trust and cooperation. 

2 .To acquaint the student with the vision, message and objectives of the college. 

3 .To acquaint the freshers with the course system and give her a copy of the academic plan.

4. To show your academic guidance plan and tell her of your role.

5. Follow the progress of the students during their study.

6. To tell the students of your academic guidance hours and manifest the importance of communication with you.

7 .To classify the special rules of the students in the list of study and exam.

8. To remind the students the dates of transfer, addition, suspension, omission or excuse from study.

9 .To specify the required courses for the next semester according to the necessities of students due to the standard and to inform the department regarding it.

10. To agree with the students on the subjects she wants to register.  

11. To supply the student with the sample of registration or omission or addition.    

12. To get sure that the students know the time and place of lectures.

13. To get knowledge of the students problems which hinder their progress and to keep it confidential.

14. To keep the highest or lowest hours according to the instructions.

15. To guide the retarded students and to direct and prepare a list of them.

16. To send a report and recommendation of the lowest accumulated academic  grades to the coordinator.

17. To encourage the outstanding and excellent students and prepare a list of them.

18. To discover the talented students and encourage them to participate in non-academic activities and give a list of them to the office of activities.