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Plan of Quality

The Plan Of Quality 1436-37

Faculty Of Science& Art in Farasan. It’s that in 29/7/1435 at 12’O’clock the Quality Committee met the Dean of the college Soad Omer Al Moudy(who is the head of this committee) and the vice dean Dr. Maha Ameen Abdel Gadir (member of this committee) Dr. Nargis Taha Behary coordinator of Quality and member of Department of Home Economics is also a member.

Dr.Samia Mustafa Ibrahim Head of the Department of Home Economics( as a member).

Ameera Dafallah Kabashi as a member of teaching English Department.

And this is to put a plan to the Quality unit for the year 1435-36 to follow and apply the things discussed to the committee improve and development.

Firstly Educational Process

1. Follow up to improve and develop teaching strategies.

2. Observe Teaching Quality

Secondly members of Teaching

1. to give courses to improve skills of Administration to the members of teaching.

2. to assure that the members of teaching , to apply  to the activities in the college during a week from the present and  follow,prepare and apply more work shop from the staff member in college.

Thirdly Students:

1. make training courses to develop articrafts creation and improve their talents.(students).

2. to make an office to graduate girls in the new building to let the college know  their qualification needed  for work.

3. make  some advisable programmes to the students and to be confirmed from the Academic Advisable unit to apply it in the college in the year 1435-1436.

4. encourage and make the students enthusiastic to participate in the students activities, creation, make new things and ideas and write research.

Fourthly: Administrative works:-

1. make the Adminstrative office members to be enthusiactics to attent the training courses to let them develop work types.

2. make assurances of all the levels to keep the things and work with them nicely in the college.

3. follow the site of the college and activate it both for the teachers and administrative members.

Members of the Quality members:-

Dr. Maha Ameen Abdel Gadir Vice Dean as a member

Dr Nargis Taha Behairy coordinator of the Quality and a teacher in Home Economics Department as a member.

Dr. Samia Mustafa Ibrahim the Head of the Home Economic Department as a member.

Teacher Ameera Dafallah a teacher as a member                      

 Head of the Quality Committee

 Dean of the college :                                                                                                   

Dr.  Afaf Mohammad Babiair